Blackburn Rovers are ready to move out some fringe stars for more money to spend on transfers and to reduce the payroll in order to save to bring in new faces. Steve Kean will look to shift Michel Salgado if there are takers in order to reduce payroll. Kean and owners Venkys want to bring in new faces but their bankers want their debts lowered and a plan if Rovers take the drop. Salgado is in the final months of his contracts and could possibly move into coaching.

Salgado narrowly missed out on a return from last weekend’s 4-2 win against Swansea at Eastwood Park. But the extra week should provide them the required rest for his hamstring injury to make him fit for the match at the Stadium of Light.

In recent news, Phil Jones, former Blackburn team mate of Michel Salgado was seen as the future England skipper by Salgado. Salgado has played with Jones at Blackburn and knew that he would go on to become a star the very first time he saw him play. According to Salgado, “He is a future England captain – I’m absolutely convinced. I remember a Carling Cup game for Blackburn when he was 17 and I said to people – crickey he’s a good player. I loved his attitude but it was only a Carling Cup game so you reserve judgement and then you see him in the league and he is just as good. Now he has gone to United at 19 and he is among their best players. He has personality and talent”.

In the eyes of Michel Salgado, Jones is a star in the making. He is a great athlete with a positive attitude. As his former team mate, Michel Salgado respects him and his game a lot.