The Head Coach of the Spanish team says he would continue beyond the tournament in France this summer. Vicente del Bosque has been with La Roja since 2008. The veteran coach led the Spanish side to World cup victory in 2010 after defeating Germany in the semi-final and Netherlands in the final. Two years later, the same team won the Euro 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine by disgracing their Italian opposition by four unreplied goals.

Bosque is expected to quit his position after France 2016 but he has hinted that he would stay beyond the games. In an interview he granted to Radio Marca on Friday, the veteran said: “There have been very few Coaches during [RFEF President Angel Maria] Villar’s time at the federation. I think it’s a good policy. As long as they’re happy with the Coach, it’s normal to try to continue with them.”

He tried evading an express comment on his true stance after the tournament but said his focus is to do well in Euro 2016.

“Either way, it’s a decision we’ll take when the time comes, and as I’ve said before, I think it’s an absolutely minor issue. Beyond whether it’s my last [tournament] or not, the fact is we all want to do well, especially in such an important showcase like the national team as everything which happens here has a lot of echo, and of course we’d like to stay together until the last moment.”

Current Newcastle coach, Rafa Benitez, has defused speculation about him taking up the Spanish job when Vicente del Bosque finally retires. Benitez currently has a tough job in steering Newcastle out of relegation. The team currently in 19th position is six points away from the closest team outside relegation. With seven games left, one wonders if Rafael Benitez will stay if Newcastle is relegated to the championship.