Michel Salgado Biography

Miguel Angel “Michel” Salgado Fernandez, better known as Michel Salgado, is a Spanish Footballer. He was born on October 22nd 1975 in Las Nieves. He began his career in football by playing for Celta Vigo and he played a major role in bringing them recognition to the La Liga in 1996. His performance impressed many clubs and he was signed off by Real Madrid in 1999 for a sum of 11 million Euros. Salgado brought glory to Madrid as well and helped them lift the Champions Trophy twice, both in 2000 as well as 2002. This victory was accompanied by the two La Liga titles and the Intercontinental Cup in 2002.

Michel Salgado started his career with the biggest loss of 0-4. However his game improved by the months and years and his dedication and aggression is what made him rise up to the standards of other great players. He started his career at Real Madrid with a boost and his 29 appearances at the league contests helped him to show his skills to the football fans. Salgado was freed of his contract and left midway by real Madrid in its pre season of 2009-2010. He then moved on to playing for Black Burn Rovers and managed to sign a 2 year contract with the club after impressing the manager and coach with his skills on the trial games he played

His stay at Blackburn was a pleasant one and he enjoyed the game pay immensely. He even decided to end his career with this club as it had so much to offer him. He started his team debut by playing as a second half substitute but managed to become a full time player after scoring goals with confidence, precision and accuracy.

In the international sector, he has represented Spain in a number of games. His performance at the FIFA World Cup 2006 was commendable and was a continuation of his excellent performance since the Euro Cup 2000. His injuries have played against him though and there have been a number of occasions where he has had to miss matches due to these injuries, the major of which include FIFA World Cup 2002 and the Euro Cup 2004.

His contract with Black Burn has been extended as on January 2011 and Salgado is happy about it. The best part of his game is his ability to blend along with other players making it a major advantage for the team. His defense skills are truly remarkable and his ability to interact with the other defenders is what makes him an ideal man for the defense. He is sure to do well in his future years and this 35 year old feels Black Burn is his home calling and will give his level best till the very end. It is this dedicated spirit towards the game and the club that makes him a player that is looked up by one and all. Being the right wing defender he also needs to share his mind with his fellow right mid fielder which needs a lot of  practice and experience.

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