Former Spain and Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado celebrated the unveiling of the official match ball that will be utilized for the 2014 World Cup alongside the star of Al Ahli Grafite.

Officially called as: ‘’Brazuca’’ it is a significant different ball than the ones Adidas has launched for the past World Cups, being much more colorful than all the previous ones. The German corporation tried to make it with the focal point being the Brazilian flag, the colorful wristbands that the Brazilians wear and lastly the colors were based on the passion that Brazil has for the sport.

Michel Salgado said that the ‘’Brazuca’’ will make life easier for all the goalkeepers as it has a fairly predictable path when launched into the air contrary to the previous one as the ‘’Jabulani’’ was a completely different story that involved a number of criticism even prior to it being officially used in the matches of the 2006 World Cup.

Adidas wanted this one to have a broader acceptance and appeal to everyone and according to Salgado they have accomplished it as he said that the ‘’Brazuca’’ will make players very happy.

“I fondly remember Tango – the match ball of the 1982 World Cup in Spain. It was my first World Cup as a child, so I have great memories when it comes to World Cups and match balls. I was so lucky in my life that later in 2006 I had the chance to play the World Cup for Spain in Germany’’.

“I know in the last World Cup players had issues with the ball. They were not really happy with the bounce. But this one looks great. I am sure the players would love it.” Salgado told reporters.