1. OMG he’s fast. I’ve seen many free running video on youtube, but this guy
    is the fastest and skillest i’ve ever seen. I enjoyed this video so much so
    you got my thumbs up.

  2. Extreme Sport

    From #Takeflightapparel

    *Hailing from Portugal and leader of Line Team Traceurs, Pedro Salgado
    brings his raw abilities and fearless movement to our team in his debut
    Take Flight video appropriately titled Debut 2013.*

  3. arturofreerun

    Puta máquina! Con que rapidez y fluidez que haces los movimientos tio,

  4. Christopher Bonilla

    He has exactly 0 mental barriers, this man trusts himself 101% Amazing!!
    Like once you get in shape you are fine… But overcoming the mental part

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