With claims that Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Santiago Bernabeu this summer, a former Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado has weighed in on the subject. The club legend opines that no amount of money in the world should be enough for the club to sell the player.

The Portuguese skipper just had another fantastic season with the club as they claimed their third straight Champions League title. Despite starting the season slowly, Ronaldo netted 44 times in 44 games at age 33. Salgado wondered why a player like Ronaldo, that scores in critical games, would be sold.

“After what I have seen in the last season, why would they move Ronaldo out of Real Madrid? He is still there in the key moments. We are talking about scoring always in quart-finals, semi-finals and knockout stages. When you need him he is there,” Salgado said.

The legend said since the player wants to remain at the club for as long as possible then he should remain, considering what he delivers season in season out at key moments. Despite being well past his prime in modern football standards, Ronaldo has continued to deliver. He keeps reinventing himself to remain relevant despite the obstacles.

With a new manager in charge, it is unknown if Madrid will keep Ronaldo especially with talks of rebuilding the squad. There have been reports that Neymar will move from Paris St Germain to Madrid this summer despite the odds. Such a move would largely unsettle things at the club as rising prospects would want to exit while top stars would scramble for starting shirts.

Even Madrid legend Ronaldo the Brazilian recently admitted that the deal will be “very complicated.” He says such a move could happen in a few years but opines that it is “impossible” right now.