1. io opino cinseramente q era un jugador regular kon sus limitaciones xq la firme no jui un super galactiko
    si hai qdestakar algo es su entraga y koraje x eso se kedo 10 años en el madrid
    siempre lo reordaremos

  2. seguro k ms weno k tu seguro que es so tontooo ma quisieras tu ser igual de malo y estar en el mejor equipo dle mundo 10año de titular

  3. OK anyway, I like your profiles.
    Please try to hunt some other videos…!!
    OK, raùl or ramos or casillas…
    hum, a Madrid player. fine?
    Also I don’t wanna just profiles, I like videos style “Captain’s Armband”; you remember, heh?
    (Specially from RMTV)

  4. HorseheadDelMadrid

    Lol, I’m not in charge of who they choose. This is the only RM player they have profiled this year.

  5. And what about Raùl?
    I’d like to watch his Profile uploaded by you, don’t you think so?

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