1. Joao Vitor Rodrigues


  2. Hey, everyone.
    If you’re looking for a new and refreshing Lineage server, check out my channel.
    LITAL2 Classes and Action Preview.
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  3. Bom ‘-‘ ae galera quem pudr ver esse video meu agradeço ajuda la com exibições ‘-‘

  4. Muito bom!
    Já vi ele em siege!
    Joga muito, e muito forte!
    Amigo…gostaria de saber o nome da 1 música?!


  5. Pedro Henrique Carvalho

    ja joguei com essa MALA rsrs acho q 1 ano. Nao tem o q falar, ele joga bem. Lembro dele roubando o HERO feedado em 2 server ja rsrs

  6. for the record, guys all your know L2 “legends” are just some lil donators with no life, there are a lot of player that goes to the top on theyr own, pwning those “legends” with shitty gears, and they dont need to make videos about killing no grade player in talking island village, servers they are playing, ppl just know about them and how good they are, they dont need to promote them selves…
    p.s im ready for tge flame, bring it on

  7. kl kl ntaksei noobako poios tropos kai malakies… ade pane ma8e l2… klassikos malakas ellhnas anyparktos opws pollous allous pou oute aksizei ton kopo na dwsw 2 lepta na asxolh8w mazi sou

  8. @zZDeMoNiCBoYZz kai egw gamw thn mana sou……omg man go see DanielDefo videos and see how he is playing noob wtf… asshole,,, and look how salgado plays…

  9. DanielDefo is shit dont tell me about him…he play like shit..and this guy is not so bad!!

  10. @zZDeMoNiCBoYZz lol man you are the common noob… DanielDefo plays totally different, that’s sure….. both are good

  11. мне было интересно посмотреть на кого то из зергов кроме той троечки, а то я уже думал что никто и не умел записывать мувы

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