1. TheRealSuperSlayer

    It’s totally demonic dude. Pot gives them the munchies and demons point them to the “fridge.” I’m joking but yeah. End of days, fallen angels are allowed to do whatever they want. It will only get worse. We all know this.

  2. and stop making retarded assumptions if ignorance to something you never put in your body to find out the actually effects….and im not pointing fingers just the “story” says LSD and lsd doesnt make you go berserk like that, they only thing that is even the slightest bit close to attacks like that is PCP just watch videos or research it do what you have to do and stop scaring your god loving selfs into believing demons and satan is behind it, be real ffs

  3. ugh…fkn bible pushers, why cant any of you just think logically rather than spiritually ? i have my own faith in god but wtf man,cmon these zombie like attacks in these cases are similar to rabies and its wild effects the virus lets out on the brain (obviously not the case just pointing it out) its either drugs or mental illness…and not fucking LSD either >…> everyone saying its lsd is a tool….ever hear of PCP? Ya well that shit makes you lose your marbles seriously look up on the 2drugs

  4. when my wife told me, my first thought was heavy drugs and or new drugs, a little discernment people, of course if your taking drugs your just opening doors to a whole world of evil and problems that the enemy takes advantage of in that state the mind goes into

  5. wow………video is highly biased, who says ts a demon possession and not some strange strand of virus that slowly destroys the cerebral cortex? or even drugs mean think logically

  6. Hi Robb, great response! I agree that these incidents (and others like them), are a clear indication and clear examples of the power of demonic forces. I personally believe that satan and his team can use drugs in instances like these to completely remove any human reasoning and resistance from those that they are inhabiting. Scary stuff bro! Glad I am covered by the Blood of the Lamb!


    Satan is also reinforcing drugs to make normal humans become frenzied cannibals and insane animals, all those who take these drugs become mindless and empty vessels so that demons can possess them and make them self harm themselves and others. This will cause panic, chaos, fear which is just what is intended by the evil ones.


    that is true Satan will counterfeit Yah’s Holy Word by having his own raising of the dead, but using demons to move them like puppets, they do not feel pain, they are hard to kill, they will not give up, they are cannibals, but ORGONE water BLESSED is like acid to them, also HOLY OIL on a stick of wood (represents OUR LORDS Crucifix on Calvery) by hitting them on the neck will kill them. We are fighting a spiritual war, only spiritual weapons will work in the END TIMES. be brave and vigilant


    yes these are demon possessed humans who are spiritually lost and they become like an animal, don’t feel pain, and become cannibalistic I believe thats true.

  10. KillAll Non-Whites

    Methylenedioxypyrovalerone was the drug that the man eating the face was on. nicknamed bath salts. you sir are a retard for thinking this is demonic. joyofsatan(dot)com is how to open your mind. God is fake. Satan created this world and christianity is a lie.

  11. (1/2) one word….. Zombies, I’m not saying I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, or demonic possesion, I’m Christian, I believe there’s a God, I believe in the fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think there’s a little more at work here than something like “demonic possesion” there’s been 7 different instances all closely related and have happened just a short period of time from one to the other. Jesus himself rose from the dead, now no offense

  12. (2/2) but that’s technically a zombie, and it even says in the Bible that in the end of days the dead shall rise and walk the Earth once again, now people can believe in what they want, I’m just saying that in reality, realistically a zombie apocolypse, isn’t to ludicrous after all, I’m just saying, with everything that really happens in the world and these new diseases or virus’s that have been found, this could very well be the ever anticipated and inevitable zombie apocolypse…

  13. I’m sure there is a spiritual world, but I don’t see any reason to believe it is the Christian spiritual world and not the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or any other belief. I also believe in demonic possession but I’m not sure that these incidents were examples of that.

  14. i think demonic possesion can very well but real,, but i have no idea, it can be true and can be false, sometimes i have my doubtss but who knows ?

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